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Developer’s projects – a wealth of possibilities

Your own four walls can take many different forms but it is hard to be indifferent to the benefits of investing in a flat from the primary market. When preparing a developer project, we put emphasis not only on the quality and functionality of implemented solutions but also on the way in which a given building will be integrated into a specific visual context. Adjusting the visual aspect of the building so that it is an integral part of a larger puzzle – while being original enough to be an attractive complement – is one of the biggest challenges of residential development projects and a reason why it is worth working with professionals.

Experience in the industry and extensive know-how are assets that allow us to implement virtually any project. We specialise in steel and reinforced concrete structures. These materials not only significantly speed up the construction process, due to the possibility of prefabricating individual elements, but also show extremely favourable mechanical parameters, especially in the context of resistance to weather conditions. At the same time, their minimalist nature makes it possible to achieve attractive visual effects.

SCALIO – professional developer

SCALIO focuses on dynamic development. For us, each new order is an opportunity to provide a project of the highest quality, while constantly investing in new solutions to extend our technological and professional background. Some effects of our work are presented below. Please to take a look at our portfolio.

As a dynamically developing developer with extensive experience in the construction industry, we implement various projects in the field of residential construction. A qualified team of specialists, flexibility and versatility in orders fulfilment as well as advanced technological background allow us to undertake even the most complex projects.

Some effects of our work are presented below. Please to take a look at our portfolio.

Warszawa 2021

Szamotuły 2013 / 2014
2200 m2

Poznań / Nadolnik 2012
1700  m2

Lwówek Wlkp 2008
1100 m2

Poznań 2019
4200 m2

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