Commercial and office buildings

Commercial buildings

Commercial construction, more than any other type of construction, favours solutions that not only represent the highest standards of ergonomics and functionality but also attract the eye with interesting visual solutions. In the case of commercial and office buildings, attractive design is not however an advantage in itself – it translates into more or less notable benefits, such as greater prestige in the eyes of customers and potential partners or improved working comfort, which in turn can translate into increased productivity.

Budowa budynków komercyjnych | Scalio

Original look and maximum functionality – modern commercial and office buildings

Trade fair facilities, large-scale office buildings or representative commercial facilities – all of these investments require solutions which, in addition to advanced technical aspects, will attract the eye with an unusual form, standing out from the grey competition. The first visual impression often determines the attitude of potential customers or future employees towards the company. Therefore, it is so important for functionality to go hand in hand with an original aesthetic vision.

It is also important to match the features of the building with its intended use and company’s type of business. There are many possibilities: from single free-standing buildings to extended commercial complexes. When designing our structures, we rely primarily on steel and reinforced concrete elements. These materials work perfectly as a skeleton of the building, providing an appropriate level of mechanical strength and a modern visual direction.

Office and commercial buildings – professional projects

Our goal is to perform the objectives in a comprehensive manner which will reflect the specific requirements of a given market branch to the greatest possible extent. Our projects take into account the individual preferences of our customers as well as generally accepted standards which determine the effective operation of commercial and office buildings.


Jasin k/Swarzędza
6326,81 m2

Wronki 2021
4924 m2

Suchy Las k/Poznania
6400 m2

Jasin k/Swarzędza 2013

IVECO, MAN Truck&Bus
Gorzów Wielkopolski 2007
5000 m2

Niepruszewo k/Buku 2009
4300 m2

Suchy Las k/Poznania 2020
1209 m2

Wolsztyn 2012
1462 m2


Zbąszyń 2008

Pniewy 2012
1185 m2

Tarnowo Podgórne 2006

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