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Revitalization of exterior and interior sides of buildings


The scope of SCALIO’s activities has been extended by restoration of facades, roofs and interiors of buildings which, although their glory days are behind them, are still of unquestionable historical and sometimes even functional value. Our revitalisation projects are a comprehensive service, which does not interfere with the original form of the building. Our goal is to preserve its original character, while implementing modern facilities and systems that will significantly increase the comfort and safety of use.

Comprehensive revitalisation – SCALIO

The main area of our renovation activity is the restoration of all types of historical, listed and post-industrial buildings. The aim can be either a simple modernisation, while maintaining the original function of the building, or its adaptation to a completely new role. A clear definition of the main direction of the work is crucial to ensure that the final result meets all the expectations of our business partner, while at the same time naturally blending in with the immediate surroundings.

However, revitalisation encompasses all aspects of a building, not the least of which is its technical modernisation. This in turn mainly concerns the durability of individual elements: the façade, the interior finishes, but also the roof and woodwork, and energy management. Insulating a building properly and replacing or renewing heating systems can significantly reduce operating costs, especially in the long term.


Comprehensive renovation of buildings – revitalisations by SCALIO

Our projects include tenement houses and other residential buildings as well as local churches and buildings of historical importance. We also modernise post-industrial spaces: climatic interiors of old production plants are often transformed into eating places or high-class apartment buildings. Our revitalisation portfolio is presented below.



Kwilcz 2012


Prusim 2010 / 2012


Poznań 2013

Dworcowa 2

Kwilcz 2003