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Industrial and warehouse facilities

Industry is a very specific sector. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this sector requires solutions that are specifically designed for this branch of the market.

Constant innovation, which aims to optimise production processes and increase productivity, must go hand in hand with reliability and ergonomics that provide adequate levels of safety and comfort for workers. SCALIO aims to maintain a healthy balance between these two aspects, which has resulted in our industrial and warehouse projects.

Construction of production and warehouse facilities – SCALIO

A key to the successful implementation of the industrial and warehouse facility project is to understand its purpose, specifics and individual characteristics of the investor’s business as well as the nature of the industry in which it operates. This is why we pay so much attention to getting to know the investor’s profile, solutions and work system – a customised project brings much better results, both in terms of efficiency and work culture. 

These types of facilities are usually among the most intensively used. Hence, an extremely important aspect of their construction is the broadly understood durability of individual elements. The issue concerns both resistance in purely mechanical terms – where the quality of materials used plays a major role – and implementation of design solutions which will naturally reduce the risk of possible breakdown and slow down the process of wear and tear of specific parts of the facility.


Construction of warehouse and industrial facilities – reliability and innovation

By working with us, you can be sure that the solutions we propose will be tailored precisely to the nature of your business. Our offer includes comprehensive implementation of industrial and warehouse projects. The result of our work is a fully functional facility corresponding to the requirements of a specific sector. Take a look at the examples of our projects presented below.

Browar Za Miastem
Rumianek 2021

1245,3 m2

Poznań 2013

5042 m2

Jasin k/Swarzędza 2015

12300 m2

Jasin k/Swarzędza 2017

8000 m2

Czarnków 2010

8100 m2

Orzeszkowo 2012

3200 m2

Wronki 2014

3000 m2

Suchy Las 2019

5031 m2

Wronki 2021

4924 m2