Agricultural facilities

Modern agriculture

Modern agriculture is a very diverse area and each of its individual branches – from growing and storing crops to breeding animals – can benefit from the implementation of innovative solutions. 

Modern agricultural facilities are examples of construction which places great emphasis on the aspect of efficiency – first of all energy efficiency. Our knowledge of the specificity of this sector and our great technological capabilities enable us to implement even the most advanced projects in this area.

Efficiency and economy – state-of-the-art agricultural facilities

Energy optimisation of agricultural infrastructure is one of the key elements that significantly affects the profitability of the entire investment. The cost of using a building can be reduced by the application of insulating materials with high insulation parameters, or by installation of customised lighting systems with a convenient control system. It is also a good idea to integrate the agricultural building with renewable energy sources. 

An important aspect of agricultural buildings is also safety, both in terms of the welfare of livestock and people working on the farm. Adequate microclimate, ergonomic tools to automate certain processes to a high degree and proven solutions are all part of an efficient agricultural facility that will not only allow for economic growth but will also provide a fair amount of comfort to workers.

Turnkey agricultural construction – rely on proven solutions


Our projects cover a wide range of facilities for the agricultural sector. We build all types of livestock buildings with steel structures: barns, pigsties or sheds, in accordance with applicable European Union standards. The use of proven and modern schemes results in a facility with high resistance to mechanical and weather factors. The appropriate load capacity of individual elements is a guarantee of effective protection all year round. 



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Stary Widzim 2018/2019

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