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General contractor

Benefits of engaging an general contractor

SCALIO is a company with over 27 years of experience. It offers its services as the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor of commercial, service, industrial, office, agricultural or warehouse investment projects. Thanks to engaging many specialists with extensive professional experience, e.g. site managers, qualified workers with all the necessary authorisations, we are able to carry out any task, even the most demanding investment project and relieve investors from the construction-related duties. Due to our long-term experience, we have established co-operation with reliable subcontractors, which guarantees high quality of our projects.

When deciding to hire the EPC contractor, the investor transfers the responsibility for the entire investment to SCALIO from the moment of signing the contract and taking over the construction site to issuing an occupancy permit for the newly built facility. By taking advantage of our services, you do not need to worry about anything. It is our responsibility to analyse the project documentation. We are also responsible for the project implementation, i.e. for timeliness, quality of performed services, workmanship in accordance with the good construction practice and estimated costs. The only duty of the investor is to supervise the performance of works which are carried out in accordance with the arrangements and building design.

Scope of services

SCALIO is responsible for the subcontractors’ activities in accordance with the design, for timely fulfilment of all obligations entrusted to them, and for ensuring that expenses do not exceed the previously prepared cost estimate. SCALIO’s tasks also include quality control of purchased construction materials as well as their delivery logistics and supervision over the technologies used. Furthermore, the EPC contractor verifies the pace of works and is responsible for technical acceptance at each stage of the works. It also manages all the works carried out on the construction site. Entrusting us with the duties is first of all a significant saving of time as from the moment of signing the contract, SCALIO is responsible for the entire construction process.


These are our projects:


Jasin k/Swarzędza 2015

12300 m2


Jasin k/Swarzędza 2017
8000 m2


Suchy Las 2019

5031 m2


Suchy Las k/Poznania 2020

1209 m2


Poznań 2013
5042 m2