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Date of publication: 27.04.2021 r.


Who the General Contractor is? What is the General Contracting system?


Construction of any facility: residential, commercial or office requires the whole range of work of experienced professionals. General Contracting is a solution that allows you to entrust construction works to specialists who will deal with the comprehensive implementation of the investment. In this article you will find all the necessary information about this type of system offered by various types of companies.

What is a general contracting system?

Recently, construction works of buildings have been mostly realized by subcontractors. This type of system means that each stage of the investment is dealt with by a separate company, which is a specialist in its own range of duties. Due to more and more technologically and technically advanced projects, the works on the entire investment are more and more often taken over by General Contractors. These are companies dealing with comprehensive implementation of construction works at every stage - from foundations, through the construction of the structure, as well as roof and all other works. Thanks to this solution, the investor is limited to employing only one company that will fully implement all works related to the construction of the previously designed facility.


This system provides the investor with the general implementation of works in accordance with the contract and the schedule. However, it should be remembered that it is the investor's obligations to obtain a building permit in advance, as well as to ensure proper access to the construction site, access to electricity and running water.


On the Polish market, the selection of a company dealing with the general implementation of investments is usually done through a tender. The competition organized by the investor precisely describes his needs - due to this, the company that can offer the required expectations wins tender. If you are going to choose a company by yourself, it is worth to take more time to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the offers on the market. You can also look for advertisements in the industry press and on the Internet, but it is also a good idea to visit the place of already-made projects by selected companies or construction sites to see for yourself their competences. Such a market recognition will allow you to select a contractor that will meet your needs and implement the project in accordance with your expectations.