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The most common mistakes during construction process


Each of investments, whether it is a residential, service or commercial facility - in case of arriving mistakes in construction site can easily lead to a very problematic situation. Depending on kind and location of mistake it can only be related to the repair of a few details, but in the worst case it could even be necessary to disassembly well-made components to find source of the problem. And these actions do not only affect into delay of works, but also increase investment costs. What to take into account and what should be avoided  during construction works? You can find the answers by reading our article.

The most common mistakes during construction

The first irregularities may appear already at the design stage, for example: inappropriate matching the building to the plot, as well as other issues like works permission which is necessary to begin the whole process or preparation of media connection plans. Financial consequences that often appear regarding to carrying out formalities in a not proper way may be a real inconvenience for investor who is unprepared for this type of expense. The next step that requires special care is choosing the proper construction company whose experience of specialists, can reduces risk of mistakes during work. It is worth to trust companies with a good opinion, recommended ones or those, which we could observe the effects of their works, e.g. during the implementation of other investments.


The most difficult mistakes that can be made at the beginning of works are those related to foundations. Establishing measurements that will be made by surveyor will help to protect the facility from the consequences like instability or ingress of moisture. Another element is the poorly made formwork that may result in deformation or cracking of the walls. Insulation, electrical, plumbing, gas installations - all elements beyond our sight also require the work of specialists to effectively avoid mistakes and possibly demolition to repair them.


An additional issue is the savings on materials, which may not have an immediate impact on structure of the facility, but it will certainly come into effect over time.