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Date of publication:  10.11.2021 r.


How does the construction of industrial halls look like?


Regardless of the type of facility, it must meet basic requirements such as functionality and safety. Industrial halls, included warehouses and production halls, are a special type of investment, that is why we have prepared an article in which you will learn more about the specifics of their construction and the requirements they must meet. Please read the following text, which will dispel your questions and doubts regarding this type of investment.
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Date of publication: 20.07.2021 r.


The most common mistakes during construction process


Each of investments, whether it is a residential, service or commercial facility - in case of arriving mistakes in construction site can easily lead to a very problematic situation. Depending on kind and location of mistake it can only be related to the repair of a few details, but in the worst case it could even be necessary to disassembly well-made components to find source of the problem.
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Date of publication: 25.06.2021 r.


Investment is not only the visible side of objects


In phase of designing a house or other object, we usually imagine only its final appearance, which we expect from the construction team. What is visible for our eyes is the final result, but the safety and functionality of the whole facility is not only what is outside, but also inside the walls. The architects responsible for the implementation of the project that will meet not only our expectations, but also the requirements of the current building regulations, know it very well. So, what exactly is hidden in the object and is invisible at first glance to an ordinary user? You will learn more about this in our article.

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Date of publication: 25.05.2021 r.


Who is the construction site manager? What obligations are included in the scope of general contracting?


The solution that involves the involvement of only one company in the comprehensive implementation of all construction works of a property is called the general contracting system. The selected company deals with every stage, from the foundations, through the structure, to the assembly of the installation. This is why the general contractor is responsible for synchronizing and coordinating each individual stage of work. 

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Date of publication: 25.05.2021 r.


Choosing a general contractor - where to start? 


The decision to executive the investment by the General Contractor ensures Investor with the comfort and gives him an opportunity to entrusts all construction works only to one company. For the implementation to be successful, it is necessary to choose a company that will guarantee the high quality of the offered services based also on many years of experience. This is important because, unlike companies dealing with only one scope of construction, the General Contractor is responsible for the implementation at each stage of the construction works. 

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Date of publication: 27.04.2021 r.


Who the General Contractor is? What is the General Contracting system? 


Construction of any facility: residential, commercial or office requires the whole range of work of experienced professionals. General Contracting is a solution that allows you to entrust construction works to specialists who will deal with the comprehensive implementation of the investment. In this article you will find all the necessary information about this type of system offered by various types of companies. 

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Date of publication: 7.04.2021 r.


The most popular construction myths – true or false? 


Did you know that the Great Wall of China is not visible from space, that humans use their entire brain capacity, not just 10 percent, and that Einstein, contrary to popular belief, was a great student?

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