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Comprehensive construction of industrial and commercial facilities.

SCALIO — professional construction services

Modern construction is an issue of many dimensions. A successful implementation is a resultant of several important issues – starting with the functional aspect, through the durability and timelessness of solutions used, to the original form and overall aesthetic impression. Our task is therefore to adjust the proportions of individual areas so that the resulting facility meets the requirements of a given market sector to the greatest possible extent. Above all, we implement technologically advanced projects for the industrial and commercial sector: state-of-the-art production and processing facilities, warehouses or trade fair and commercial facilities. We also construct modern office buildings and showrooms. Our company specialises in reinforced concrete and steel structures, manufactured in our own production plants. Such production background ensures certainty and guarantees timely completion of investment tasks for the investor.

SCALIO operates in a multidimensional way: we are responsible for both the conceptual layer of a given project and its final implementation. The main driving force of our company is our qualified staff. Our specialists can implement almost any project, while high work culture combined with extensive experience and professional knowledge are the factors that determine the satisfaction of our business partners.

Jasin k/Swarzędza 2017

8000 m2

Jasin k/Swarzędza 2015

12300 m2


Poznań 2013

5042 m2


Czarnków 2010

8100 m2


Orzeszkowo 2012

3200 m2


Wronki 2014

3000 m2


Niepruszewko k/Buku 2009

4300 m2

Modern construction: trust the professionals


Versatility, competence and ability to carry out large-scale projects. SCALIO will undertake any project, regardless of the scale, degree of complexity and demanding requirements of a particular industry. Advanced technological resources and experienced team of specialists are a combination that guarantees a well-performed service, which is proved by a constantly growing number of satisfied business partners. Below we present some of the projects implemented by our company.