General contracting for “Browar Za Miastem”

The construction of another facility has been completed!

Summary from the construction site for the “Browar za Miastem” company:
– construction works- completed
– epoxy flooring of the production hall -completed
– fencing- completed
– road works- completed
– external gate assembly- completed
– installation works- completed

– land macro-leveling -completed, green areas remain to be performed (seeding)
– acceptance procedures are underway

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General contracting for the KONPACK company in Konin

News from the construction site for the KONPACK company, a production and warehouse building with an office and social part in Konin.

The course of works:
– we are finishing the bricklaying works of the fire walls of the hall structure
– we are going on with paving works related to profiling and stabilizing the internal roads and laying paving stones and profiling green areas
– works related to covering the details of the roof, are in progress
– aeration shutters and bases for fans roofing are mounted
– works related to the assembly of the hall’s cladding and stabilization of the ground inside the hall in case of prepare it for the proper floor, are in progress
– works related to the execution of an under-floor lightning protection net, are in progress

– in the office building, plastering works and laying of central heating and water installations are in progress

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General contracting for “Browar Za Miastem” in Rumianek

The construction for the “Browar za Miastem” (eng. “Brewery out the city”) company is near to completion. The last “touches” and the brewery will be able to start its beer production.

The company plans to produce 30,000 hectoliters of beer, which will result in approximately 6 million bottles per year. Craft beers are to be brewed in the new brewery according to original recipes.

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Revitalization of old tenement houses is our passion

Our revitalization is a comprehensive service, which, however, does not interfere with the original form of the building – our goal is to maintain its original character, while implementing modern amenities and systems that will significantly increase the comfort and safety of use.

One of our projects: Tenement house at DĄBROWSKIEGO 33 Street in Poznań.

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