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Data publikacji: 1.01.2021 r.


BLUM BE6 – the building shell has been completed


Despite the winter weather, construction of the exhibition and office building for Blum Polska in Jasin is in full swing. We are just after completing the shell of the building, i.e. the load-bearing structure, and now we are dealing with the external part of the building.


This is another investment project for Blum Polska. Our portfolio includes such investment projects as: 

  • Blum BE4 production facility with an area of 12,300 square metres
  • Blum BE5: extension of a warehouse, logistic facilities and construction of high storage warehouse with an area of 8,000 square metres, reconstruction of offices in the UTR industrial building with an area of 330 square metres and mezzanine with an area of 80 square metres.

All our projects can be found here.